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I don't know were to start, we have been messed with since June. Price issues keep changing . The company wanting more money. Our policy was paid in full with all discunts suppose to be applied. I over paid , price changes with our policy . Abig mess!!

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Horrible customer service. I was rear ended by ANOTHER COMMERCE INSURANCE CUSTOMER. I have a perfect driving record and have been a loyal customer for several years. It took a long time to get my vehicle appraised and got no assistance with a rental vehicle. They are horrible. I will not be renewing my policy with them and have also filed a complaint with the Ma Dept of Insurance.

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I have been a customer of Commerce for years. Houses, a fleet of automobiles, a collection of motorcycles, etc. While insurance companies are in business to make money, they should at least operate in an ethical manner which I have found to be a weak point of Commerce's on one occasion. Moreover, customer service is a misnomer since as a claims agent once told me, "we are customer service as well." What kind of operation is that? By far the most... Read more

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Claim representatives are stressed to the max and overworked. Poor service in that it's extremely SLOW due to reported "extremely high claim volume and not enough staff" SO THE CONSUMER SUFFERS.

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My daughter and her husband, recently paid their insurance bill of $815.00. Commerce, sent her back a check for $298.00 and stated that there was an over payment on her balance. On February 03, 2016 my daughter received a cancellation notice stating, that she owed a balance of $298.00. My daughter tried explain to the insurance agent, that she received a the check back from Commerce for that amount, the agent told my daughter that she had until... Read more

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On Memorial Day weekend, my sister (driver) was seriously injured in an accident on the NJ Turnpike on Sat night and Med-flighted to a trauma center in Trenton. Sun. morning, I contacted Commerce 24-hour claims line to inform them of the accident and had a claim file number before the call ended. I returned to MA later on Sun. Tues. morning ,before going back to NJ, I called them and was told two service reps were assigned to the claim (one... Read more

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Neighbor trashed my mailbox and left scene without informing me or police. Another neighbor witnessed it and informed me and suggested I establish baseline by reporting to police because teenage driver appeared "out of it". Good thing I followed his advice because neighbor never came over to admit property damage. Police suggested I file a claim with insurance company (Commerce) and within a short time my mailbox was replaced at full estimate... Read more

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Customer service is horrible!!! They suck and im paying them for insurance and they have no sympsthy to help you out w getting reimbursement from another insurance co whos at fault. Basically say oh well sorry thsts your issue. Leave us alone attitude. Award for worst cuatomer setvice. Go somewhere else !!!

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My son was in a fender bender with a Commerce Ins customer. It is over a month, and the claim is still not resolved. I have literally received nothing but a run-around from them. We have a witness who specifically stated that the accident was not my son's insurance company has the recorded statement and have had no issues being in touch with that person. For some reason Commerce "can't" reach her. And the recording that was sent... Read more

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i had a small out of state fender bender,took a week to get a claim representative to take my accident report who promply went on vacation for a couple of weeks. Then got the run around for a month trying to get a claim adjuster to look at the car. I got a surcharge notice long before the accident report was process. I had a clean driving record for 25 yrs, yet I was treated as someone who had 5 DUI's and/or three accidents with school... Read more

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